4.4 Beta 2


The second beta release of gpEasy 4.4 is now available. The new release fixes a few issues, makes installation more secure, cleans up some code structure and introduces fresh look for the admin interface.



It's been a while since our little CMS has been updated, so I felt it was time to set aside some time and work on the code a bit. For the most part, coding went smoothly and as of today, there's a new beta release available for download: Version 4.4b1.

So what's new?

  • Homepage can be set to something other than the first page in the main menu
  • Added support for password_hash() and password_verify()
  • Escape key closes admin popups
  • SPL Autoloading for addons (see the Example addon)
  • Multiple pages can be selected at a time in the Page Manager (hold down the shift key or control key to select multiple)
  • Many third party packages updated including jQuery and CKEditor



The final release of gpEasy 4.3.2 is now available. This is primarily a third-party package update for CKEditor, Less.php and Bootstrap.

Download gpEasy

Fork on Github

4.3 Final


The wait is over.

The final release of gpEasy 4.3 brings some exciting new features to our CMS. Less.php was developed and integrated into gpEasy to provide the latest in dynamic stylesheets. With the addition of LESS support, we are also able to integrate Bootstrap 3. For those not familiar with Bootstrap, it is a "Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development".

Additional improvements include:

  • An optional more traditional admin view
  • Visual theme browsing
  • Newest versions of CKEditor, PHPMailer and jQuery UI
  • Improved pretty-url detection
  • Afrikaans, Croatian and Estonian Translations

... and much, much more

4.3 Screenshot

A view of the alternative admin view with the new visual theme browser

4.3 Release Candidate 3

The final release of gpEasy 4.3 is so close. In preparation, we have one more release candidate out with a couple of fixes to the less compiler for better php compatibility with php 5.2.

4.3 Release Candidate 1


We're moving gpEasy 4.3 into the release candidate stage!

Download gpEasy 4.3rc1

Release Notes on Github

4.3 Beta 2


Our second beta release of gpEasy 4.3 is now available. This is primarily a bug-fix release for issues discovered in the first beta release. Of note, we fixed the delayed loading of the Uploaded Files admin page and LESS compiling should now be php 5.2 compatible.

Download 4.3 Beta 2

4.3 Beta 1


The first beta release of gpEasy 4.3 is now available for download!

There are a lot of great changes in the newest beta release including support for LESS and the inclusion of Bootstrap3.

Complete Version History

Free gpEasy Powered Sites


I'm thrilled to announce the newest feature on gpEasy.com: Free gpEasy Powered Websites!

What better way to get gpEasy into the hands of users? Now, with the click of a button, anyone can get a free gpEasy powered website.

We've already made select add-ons available and will continue, with an initial focus on themes, to make our best add-ons available to gpEasy.com users.


July Update


It has been a busy summer.

The response to gpEasy 4.0 was fabulous and brought us a record amount of traffic. Downloads doubled. Forum discussions expanded. All of our metrics were positive.

Shortly after the release, unfortunately, our host began to have problems and our site experienced an excessive amount of downtime. At the time, gpEasy.com was approaching the limits of our hosting plan and we were already considering different hosting options. Considering the downtime, the need for a better hosting package and bigger projects in the works, we decided to invest in a significant upgrade.

I won't go into the specs of our new host, but so far, I am very pleased. The piece of mind knowing we're ready to move forward is priceless!

Speaking of moving forward, here's a screenshot of the redesigned theme manager. And stay tuned, more announcements are coming soon!


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4.4 Beta 2

The second beta release of gpEasy 4.4 is now available. The new release fixes a few issues, ... Read More


It's been a while since our little CMS has been updated, so I felt it was time to ... Read More

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