3.5b2 and 3.0.5


We have two new releases available for download today. The second beta release of version 3.5 adds some exciting new features while version 3.0.5 fixes a few issues and incorporates CKEditor 3.6.5.


The latest beta release adds two significant features to the 3.5 branch: theme images and integrated search.

Theme images will allow designers to add images to themes so that end users will be able to easily edit and customize the image. This feature is already documented with a short example on how to implement it.

The new search feature improved upon the work done in the Simple Search addon integrated it into the core package.

We hope to move quickly into and through release candidate stage of 3.5 so if you have a chance to test the latest beta package, please download it: gpEasy 3.5b2 Zip or gpEasy 3.5b2 Tar/gz


We're very excited to have CKEditor 3.6.5 integrated into our latest stable release of gpEasy. 3.6.5 fixes a small but annoying bug with HTML list editing. Additionally, our latest package fixes a couple XSS vulnerabilities, issues with the remote update process and mod_rewrite compatibility.

The change log for each release can be found


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