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I suggest to use a HTML5 WYSIWYG editor, like It's easiest to use.

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Change the color of the theme

I have a web page, one with a very nice theme. The question would be where can I change the background color of the theme. Now, light brown, dark brown but I would like to morphological Please! Hel...

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Multi-user Multi-site all on one Install

I am absolutely loving gpeasy, for me quite frankly the best, simplest CMS out there and I have tried many!   The best feature of gpeasy is its simplicity, especially for non-developers. It...

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wrapper-plugin for gp-easy

i would like to have a wrapper-plugin for gp-easy

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Multiple editing users at the same time

Follow This IdeaBy Bianca1 year ago1 Comments

It would be great if more users can make adjustments to an gp|Easy powered website at the same time. Now a person has to wait until the other person is done or logged out.  Though I understand it...

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Password protected section with no admin rights

Is it possible to protect a section of the website that would give users who know the password to view those pages, but not edit them. I tried the Page Protect plugin, but it didn't fit my needs: Som...

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Logout request

Follow This IdeaBy Eric1 year ago2 Comments

Currently, when user 1 is editing the site, others are locked out. User 2 doesn't know who user 1 is, and user 1 doesn't know someone else is trying to get in. Could we add an option to the Locko...

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password strength indicator

It would help security if we encourage all users to choose strong passwords. There is no need to prevent them from using easy password, but displaying "weak", "medium", or "strong" will make them reco...

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Open Graph Protocol support

I propose adding support  for the Open Graph Protocol at a page level. These options would be configured in the page details > more options dialog box. As far as I'm concerned, an "e...

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PostedSlug() Filter

Follow This IdeaBy site2 years ago

Add a PostedSlug() Filter to allow changes like replacing _ with - for SEO. Or to go all lowercase urls. etc. Also pass in the $string and $from_string variables as well so that fo...


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