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How can I remove the sidemenu from a single page6juergen
1 week ago
International Fonts for Bootswatch themes4juergen
2 months ago
disable parent pages2marcel
2 months ago
How to handle theme(s) nested in /data/_themes
by ron
2 months ago
add id to <ul> main menu3juergen
3 months ago
style question13juergen
3 months ago
responsive menu2marcel
3 months ago
Search form width
by Stan
4 months ago
CSS handling3Benjamin
5 months ago
Editable Area and Blog Comments / Content get over / out the0wskontopw
9 months ago
menu switch0marcel
10 months ago
How to create a Responsive Multi Level Menu1Eric
1 year ago
lvl 3 menu with CSS1jogai
1 year ago
porting theme to GPEasy problem with Menu style4pete.d
1 year ago
Bootstrap to gpEasy1Bianca
1 year ago
Can't change the layout0farzad.parish
1 year ago
Easy responsive design?5david
1 year ago
Font face in fuzzy firefox0Silkester
1 year ago
need help h5 theme4Silkester
1 year ago
Theme Styles messing up administration3Silkester
1 year ago



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4.5 Release Candidate

The first release candidate of gpEasy 4.5 is now available for download.

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