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The first step in making an easy to use CMS was to integrate a functional "What You See Is What You Get" editor (WYSIWYG). We chose FCKEditor for gpEasy because of it's long history of success with other CMS solutions and active developer community.


Too many acronyms, but it effectively describes the larger concept behind gpEasy. We took the What You See Is What You Get Concept and applied it to the entire CMS. When using gpEasy, there isn't a seperate admin interface where page edits and configuration changes are made. All of the administrative controls are built right into your site and visible when you are logged in.

When the admin interface is separated from the site, users are required to leave their site to find editing options then go back to their site to see how changes they made affected the display. By integrating the administrative controls, any file changes or configuration updates are immediately visible without having to switch back and forth between two interfaces.


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4.5 Final

The final release of gpEasy 4.5 is now available for download! As always, many thanks ... Read More

4.5 Release Candidate 2

The second release candidate of gpEasy 4.5 is now available for download.

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