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Below is a list of all hooks available in gpEasy.

HookTypeVersionsIn CodeIn Add-ons
AntiSpam_Checkfilter2.3.3   to   4.3.412
AntiSpam_Formfilter2.3.3   to   4.3.412
CKEditorConfigfilter3.6   to   4.3.411
CKEditorPluginsfilter3.6   to   4.3.411
CleanTextfilter4.3   to   4.3.410
contact_form_checkfilter2.1   to   4.3.410
contact_form_pre_captchaaction2.1   to   4.3.410
edit_layout_cmdaction2.2   to   4.3.410
edit_layout_endaction2.2   to   2.410
edit_layout_midaction2.2   to   2.410
FileChangedaction3.5   to   4.3.410
FileDeletedaction3.5   to   4.3.410
FileUploadedaction2.0.1   to   4.3.420
GenerateContent_Adminaction2.0   to   4.3.415
GetAdminLinkaction4.3   to   4.3.410
GetContent_Afteraction2.0.1   to   4.3.424
GetDefaultContentfilter2.0   to   4.3.4110
GetExtrafilter2.0.1   to   3.5.210
GetHeadaction2.0   to   4.3.4119
GetMenuArrayfilter3.0   to   4.3.421
GetUrlfilter3.5   to   4.3.413
HeadContentaction3.6   to   4.3.411
Html_Outputfilter2.0.1   to   4.3.410
InlineEdit_Scriptsfilter2.2   to   4.3.418
LoggedInfilter3.5   to   4.3.411
MenuCommandfilter2.4   to   4.3.412
MenuPageOptionsaction2.4   to   4.3.421
PageRunScriptfilter2.4   to   4.3.433
PageSetVarsaction2.4   to   4.3.410
RenameFileDoneaction2.4   to   4.3.411
SaveSectionfilter2.0   to   3.5.218
Searchaction3.5   to   4.3.413
SectionToContentfilter2.0   to   4.3.4113
SectionTypesfilter2.0   to   4.3.419
WhichPagefilter2.2   to   4.3.417

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