gpEasy Plugins


2 ratings711 Downloads

Styled tool tip for anchor titles, gold.

Multi-Contact Form

1 ratings864 Downloads

A Contact Form that allows you to select from a list of Recipients

Created By DaveS

Breadcrumb Navigation

12 ratings4,260 Downloads

Breadcrumb Navigation

Created By

Site Page Extra

1 ratings1,365 Downloads

3 gadgets for your site allowing you to add content specific to one page. Similar to extra content, only the content isn't the same for every page and you can edit content in place.

Created By site

Site Counter

18 ratings6,158 Downloads

Site Counter

Created By Stano

Site Maintenance Page

1 ratings729 Downloads

Display a customizable maintenance page to non-logged in users.

Created By site


1 ratings418 Downloads

A plugin to stream mp3 sermons.

Created By simonegli


1 ratings317 Downloads

Insere os códigos de acompanhamento para o google analytics


9 ratings2,973 Downloads

Plugin to create custom mail forms

Created By Benjamin

FlatAdmin 2015

1 ratings287 Downloads

A flat and reduced style alternative for gpEasy’s admin interface.

Created By juergen

Syntax Highlighter

2 ratings622 Downloads

Add code syntax highlighting to any of your pages.

Created By Josh S.


1 ratings213 Downloads

A Sticky Note Content Type with handwriting font. Can be dragged around and hidden by visitors.

Created By juergen

Masonry Gallery

1 ratings155 Downloads

Masonry image gallery

Created By a2exfr


8 ratings3,286 Downloads

shows current date and time

Created By Stano

Sample Theme Admin Plugin

1 ratings1,182 Downloads

An addon to show Theme Admin

Created By David S

Tall Gallery Style

15 ratings3,169 Downloads

CSS for tall rectangular galleries.

Created By Josh S.

Execute PHP

6 ratings3,291 Downloads

Execute php code from within a page content area

Created By Josh S.

Search Engine Poker

3 ratings1,294 Downloads

Ping Search Engines of site changes (site map submission)

Created By Dominion IT


4 ratings3,049 Downloads

Musicplayer for your website

Created By

Ajax Pages

5 ratings2,589 Downloads

Loads your pages by using ajax calls


gpEasy News

4.5 Release Candidate 2

The second release candidate of gpEasy 4.5 is now available for download.

4.5 Release Candidate

The first release candidate of gpEasy 4.5 is now available for download.

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