gpEasy Plugins

Simple Blog

44 ratings15,928 Downloads

Designed to enable a simple reverse-chronological commentary on your site. Includes RSS feed, editable labels, and twitter/bitly integration.

Created By Josh S.

Simple Online Visitor

10 ratings3,300 Downloads

Simple Online Visitor Gadget

Created By Polesz

Simple Event Calendar

6 ratings3,246 Downloads

Simple Event Calendar including a gadget, list view and a yearly view page

Anti Spam Math

5 ratings2,165 Downloads

A simple spam prevention tactic using math

Created By Josh S.

Multi-Language Manager

4 ratings3,373 Downloads

Helps you manager your multi-language site but organizing pages by the language they're written in.

Created By Josh S.

Easy Comments

2 ratings2,290 Downloads

Allow users to comment on your gpEasy pages

Created By Josh S.

Simple Download Counter

3 ratings1,324 Downloads

counts file downloads

Created By Stano

Publication Date

4 ratings1,309 Downloads

Adds creation and last modification dates after the main page's content

Created By Stano

Wallpaper Changer

3 ratings1,499 Downloads

change a page wallpaper

Created By Stano


4 ratings1,132 Downloads

EasyNewsLetter is an easy-to-use newsletter plugin for gpEasy.

Created By fly06

Password Protected Pages

7 ratings3,103 Downloads

Protects pages with a password

Created By Stano

Nivo Slider for gp|Easy

18 ratings5,762 Downloads

Adds Nivo Slider to your layout or content

Created By juergen

Simple Slideshow

24 ratings5,111 Downloads

A slideshow datatype

Created By Josh S.


1 ratings876 Downloads

Protect your gpEasy forms against spammers black-listed on the site.

Created By fly06


1 ratings729 Downloads

left/right buttons for quick navigation

Created By folke

Special Contact Form

16 ratings6,309 Downloads

Creates custom email contact form

Created By Stano


1 ratings1,763 Downloads

Respect your visitors privacy but still allow them to share your page on facebook, twitter and google+

Created By Benjamin


2 ratings1,511 Downloads

Add Clean Urls and other SEO related features to Simple Blog

Created By fly06

Media Player Advance

2 ratings849 Downloads

Allows media files to be played anywhere inside a page by adding a tag to indicate where media player must be added

Created By Dominion IT


2 ratings692 Downloads

Styled tool tip for anchor titles, gold.


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