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This plugin can protect your pages with passwords.
You can protect normal pages, special pages and galleries.

New in version 1.1: possibility to encrypt & decrypt text sections of your pages with RC4 stream cipher. The encryption is applied when RC4-checkbox is checked. This can be useful, if you you want encrypt the content of some of your pages and make that page invisible for other plugins (like Simple Search). Please note: If you want to edit an encrypted page, you must at first navigate to plugin's administration menu and remove the encryption there manually (uncheck RC4 and save it). The same if you want to add new section to encrypted page. This is because no such a filter actually exists, that can be used to decrypt section automatically before inline editing will begin, and vice versa, no filter exists that can be used to decrypt the section after inline editing is finished.
New in version 1.2: updated rc4 algorythm, so that it now encrypts sections in pure alphabetical encoding. Plugin is updating safely.

License: public domain

password field for guestsprotecting with a password
password field for guests 
password field for guestsprotecting with a passwordsettings

Tags:  Access, Password, Page Protect

Minimum gpEasy Version2.2
Used Most with gpEasy Versions 4.3.4   3.5.2   4.0.0   4.3.1
Last Updated3 years ago (2012-05-25)
Created3 years ago (2012-04-15)
Created ByStano
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