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Tricky at the first glance, but functional.
on 2015-05-27
on 2013-12-22
on 2013-05-21
Nice but not easy to use…
on 2013-04-24
on 2012-09-12
on 2012-07-25
Gefällt mir sehr gut! PRIMA
on 2012-03-17
on 2012-03-02
on 2012-02-22
very good add-on
on 2012-02-22
on 2012-02-21
on 2012-02-21
This plugin makes it easy to create custom mail forms, edit them with ckeditor and add form validation.
And it's not limited to contact forms either.
Good Job!
on 2011-08-23
Simply amazing, just what I need for my "contact us" page.
on 2011-06-26
on 2011-04-05
Stano did a great job creating this plugin for gpEasy. The plugin allows you to create an email contact form that will use phpmail or SMTP and allows you to configure your user setting & port. It creates this contact form as a regular page which allows it to be used within any gpEasy page via { { File Inclusion } } or in an extra content area by using includeFile() function.
Furthermore, you can edit the form, if you choose, before creating the contact page.
For anyone who isn't happy with the default contact form you should check this one out.
on 2010-11-09


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